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Why Multiplayer Elo?

Elo Ratings are useful in determining the quality of an opponent. It does this by rewarding victories and penalizing loses based on the relationship of the competing players Elo rating. Currently, most Elo calculators only allow for 1 on 1 competitions, for games like chess for which it is commonly used. There is no need to limit the usage of Elo to chess as it can be helpful in rating anything from sports competitions to other board games to internet competitions as well. The problem with the current Elo rating calculation is that it only allows an adjustment for one competitor. This calculator allows for numerous competitors.

The Multiplayer Elo is calculated as follows: Each competitor is compared to each other and an individual adjustment is made based on the actual and expected values for each player. Then all of the adjustments are combined for a player and added (or subtracted) from that players starting Elo. A breakdown of this operation can be seen in the results section.

Here are some examples of potential uses: